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Establishing a new company (spin-off)


If we choose to establish a new company, we will do so in cooperation with you. You don’t necessarily have to be the company’s general manager, but your role will nevertheless be a central one, e.g. with a position on the board. We will find a satisfactory solution.

So far we have established more than 40 new companies. Of course none of these are alike, but TTO’s tasks often comprise: 

  • Generating the required documents to set up the new company
  • Composing the company’s board and management
  • Come up with the required initial funds
  • Protecting the company’s name, logo, domain name, etc.
  • Developing a comprehensive business plan
  • Developing your idea in the new company
  • Find the right investors
  • Preparing shareholder agreements and cooperation agreements with e.g. NTNU
  • Preparing any option schemes for key personnel

Examples of companies we have established.

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