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Funding is required to develop your idea. Experience shows that developing a prototype or other form of Proof of Concept may cost anything from NOK 100,000 to more than 5 million. TTO has access to several sources of funds for this purpose: 

NTNU Discovery 
NTNU Discovery is a funding scheme aimed at potentially commercially viable research from NTNU. The scheme is funded jointly by NTNU, Sør-Trøndelag County, North Trøndelag County and Sparebank1 SMN. NTNU Discovery allocates project funds upon application of up to 1 million. An external group (allocation committee / jury) consisting of six experienced, professional, independent operators assess and decide the allocation of grant request. Read more about the scheme here. (Norwegian)

Projects in early stages often have a higher risk than professional investors can accept.
FORNY is the Research Council's program aimed to bring the results of publicly funded research institutions to the marketplace. FORNY supports verification activities related to clarification of possible applications and market potential, testing the concept, technology or prototype, demonstration, development of business model, protection of rights, or establishing contact with customers and users. Read more about the scheme here. (Norwegian)

Innovasjon Norge 
Innovation Norway has a number of measures aimed primarily at companies alone or with companies cooperating with approved research institutions. "Research and development contracts" (IFU/OFU), "Skattefunn" or "Establishment Grant" is particularly appropriate in accordance with our own company formations. Read more about the scheme here. (Norwegian)

Other pre-seed funds
As an active player in the innovation industry TTO keep up to date, is well acquainted with and seek funding in terms of technology verification from other pre-seed funds, such as Medtech Trondheim, Novo Seed etc. (Norwegian)

Various idea competitions 
Both in terms of developing ideas, energy input and access to development funds, projects from the TTO are often represented by different idea competitions such as Start Støtte, Venture Cup, DnB's innovasjonspris, etc. (Norwegian)

We take responsibility for writing applications and follow-up of available funds that may suit your idea. Up to the present, TTO has obtained almost NOK 100 million for this type of project financing. Most of these funds have been spent on buying your time in connection with developing ideas. 

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