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Idea assistance

NTNU Technology Transfer (TTO) works to ensure that good ideas and new discoveries from NTNU and Central Norway Health Authority can become socially beneficial products and services. Are you an employee or student at one of these three institutions you can come to us for help to develop and realize your idea.

The initial contact is usually in the form of a meeting with one or more of our Project Managers where you explain your idea. Everything you tell us is kept 100% confidential.

When we have understood your idea, we start investigating its potential. If the idea meets certain investment criterias we will initiate the correct resources to maximise it’s potential. Our goal is to bring your idea to market.

We consider the following criteria when assessing ideas

We examine if there are already similar products, services or patents on the market.

Are you the only one who perceives a need for the idea, or is it something a lot of people want? The only way to find out is to ask. TTO conducts national and international market surveys to find out.

To be able to do our job, we have to know that you believe in your idea. You need to convince us. If you do not have the time or want to realize your idea, we have to find someone else to take on that role.

It’s important that you do not end up sitting alone with your idea - you need a team for support. Sometimes, a team is already in place when you come to us, but it can also be put together in due time.

Support is very important, and it needs to be seen to throughout the project. If you have the support of colleagues and managers, it will be much easier to succeed.

When the criterias: need, idea, motivation, team and support have been evaluated, we will have gained
a picture of the idea’s potential.

Measures that help ideas forward

Progression in projects is vital. Sometimes, getting an idea developed is a matter of urgency. In such instances, we can buy you out from your job full- or part-time to let you concentrate on the project.

Transforming an idea into a finished product is an expensive affair. We can apply for funding through special Norwegian Research Council and NTNU Discovery funding programs. We have acquired more than 630 million NOK for our projects so far.

Finding out if the idea works is important. We often do so by making a provisional version - a prototype. The idea can also be tested with a partner from industry.

In some instances, ideas can be protected by a patent, while design registration might be more appropriate for others. We have patent experts with extensive experience working with us.

* Applying for patent protection is no obstacle for academic publication, but it is important to apply for the patent first.

One alternative for reaching the market is licensing the rights to a third party. This will usually be a company that takes over most of the work. You and your team will receive a fair share of the financial profit.

The other alternative for getting to market is to start a company (spin-off). As an inventor you can decide to work in the company or continue in your present job. We will be there to support you as long as necessary.

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