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Broadcast your presentation live to your audiences devices

Published by Steinar Kvam .

Broadcast your presentation live to your audiences devices
By: Steinar Kvam

Lately the SlideDog team had been working on a new feature in SlideDog that lets your audience follow your presentation on their own devices. Your presentation content will be pushed to connected devices as you present, letting the attendees study your slides in detail on their own screen and in their own pace.

Attendees will be notified when you advance to the next item in your presentation, and can choose to automatically sync with the presenter or pause to study previous slides. Only content that have already been shown on the projector/big screen are available on the devices. In other words, you can’t sneak peek past the presenter’s latest slide.

In addition to following the slides on their own devices, this new feature also allows the audience to post comments or questions, and (if you choose to enable it) provide you with feedback at the end.

We recently tested this feature at two university lectures and the students especially liked the ability to “pause” the slides while taking notes.

You can freely use this feature today by downloading or updating to the latest version of SlideDog. Currently Live Sharing is limited to broadcasting PowerPoint and PDF slides, but we’ll be adding in support for more file types in the upcoming releases.

See the demonstration:

Download SlideDog here