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It is our deeply-held belief that through commercialisation we can ensure the application and dissemination of new technology in a way that can benefit society. Our overall goal for all activity at NTNU Technology Transfer AS is therefore to achieve as many successful commercialisations as possible. Measured in monetary terms, a successful commercialisation can also bring value back to the institution, which can then reinvest it in new research.

We define commercialisation as company start-ups, technology sales or technology licences.

In order for a commercialisation to succeed, the most important input factor, besides time, competence and capital, is ideas. An idea can be a thought, know-how, specific technology or a business model. It can be partially realised in the form of a prototype or it can be something that only exists in a person's mind. What they all have in common is that they represent a potential commercialisation opportunity.  

Where possible, in order to increase the appeal, NTNU Technology Transfer AS protects the ideas with greatest potential through patent applications and patenting. NTNU Technology Transfer AS has wide-ranging expertise in technology rights.   

The number of commercialisations and the number of ideas and patent applications are normal measurement parameters for technology transfer offices (TTOs).

Innovation champion External financing
Innovation champion External financing