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About NTNU

NTNU is Norway's university for higher education in technology and the natural sciences.
The university also has a offers of range of subjects within social sciences, humanities,
aesthetic subjects, medicine, education, architecture and arts.

NTNU has 7 faculties and 52 departments and more than 100 laboratories. There are currently approx. 3,000 scientific positions and 22,000 students, whereof approx. 2,000 are of foreign origin.

The university is recognized for broad cooperation with domestic and international trade and industry and has an annual budget of approx. NOK 5.1 billion.


  • Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art

  • Faculty of Humanities

  • Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

  • Faculty of Medicine

  • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology

  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management

  • Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering