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About us

NTNU Technology Transfer AS works on creating value out of research results and good ideas from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the Central Norway Regional Health Authority. The aim is that these shall reach the market in the form of new products or services that benefit society.

Society wishes to apply new knowledge and realise good ideas from the research environments. Our purpose is to review the potential and add the ingredients needed to get them realised. NTNU Technology Transfer is actively involved in obtaining financing, ensuring relevant patent protection, developing ideas (often with the aid of prototyping), performing market analyses, establishing new companies and negotiating licence agreements.

Regardless of whether what we are presented with is at the draft stage or the result of many years of research, we make a thorough assessment of the potential for commercialisation. If we see the potential, we apply the resources that are needed to get the process moving. The aim is to negotiate a licence agreement or start up a company. We are here to support your project all the way. In many cases, we stay on board well past the finish line, if there is a need
for it.